Instantly generate and add QR Codes to your photos.

QR Codes are revolutionary and elegant ways to provide additional information about your products and services with fewer texts.

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How does our tool work?

Using our QR Code generator tool is easy and straightforward. Below are some basic instructions to get started

1. Add the photo in which you want to add a QR code

2. Generate your QR code using our templates

3. Download your picture with the QR code on it.

Are you looking for advanced options such as QR codes on multiples products?

Why add a QR code to your picture?

It does not matter whether you provide products or services to your customers. QR Code can help customers to know more about what you offer in a revolutionary way

  • Provide more details

    Provide more details about your products or services through the QR code

  • Increase engagement rate

    QR code is quite popular in front of young customers.

  • An ecological solution

    No more need to print thousands of flyers to explain your products or services

Why add a QR code to your picture?
  • Simplicity

    You don't need to elaborate too much on your products. All you can do is store information in your QR code.

  • Portability

    QR Codes are easy to keep and do not have too much weight. Therefore, you may carry it as a digital image or printed document.

  • Compatible with any QR reader

    Your users can quickly scan and access your content using any QR reader from their cellphone.

Dynamic and customize QR Code

Dynamic and customize QR Code

You can easily customize and design the QR code that best fits your needs through our design interfaces.

Option to download the QR code separately

If you want to download the QR Code separately, you have a button available to download in PDF, PNG and SVG format.

Option to download the QR code separately

Frequently Asked Questions

# What is a QR Code?

The QR (Quick Response Code) code is a 2D barcode. It is used in marketing or sale to facilitate access to additional information through a smartphone. This code has become an almost essential element for web marketing campaigns. It has many functions all this depends on the advertiser.

# How does a QR code work?

Companies can use QR codes to store data in a 2D square to share some information with customers. The QR Code can be downloaded and transferred to customers either as a printed document or an image. And then, users can download a QR code reader to scan and read the content.

# How to scan a QR Code?

There are lots of applications that can help to scan a QR Code. You can get them from your OS provider applications store. If you have an android phone, you can download one from Google Play. If you have an iPhone, you will have to use the Apple store. The standard way to scan a QR code is to enable the application and scan the code. Most applications provide instructions.

# How can your solution help my business?

By adding a QR code to your products' pictures, you will give a chance to users that have a QR Scanner to know more about your offer. Our QR Code generator can enable you to store information like details of your products, prices, store locations and much more.

# Can I add QR codes to multiple photos?

Our free version doesn't provide support for adding QR codes on multiple photos at the same time. But you can, for example, download the code separately to add on various products' pictures. Alternatively, you can contact our support team. We will be glad to discuss the option of adding QR on many products with your specifications.

# Can I save my QR Code and use it later?

We are currently working on an option that will enable you to create your account and have more flexible access. However, for now, you can make only one QR code that we delete from our systems once you download it.